Youth Creative Writing Contest

Congratulations to this year's winners of the Paskack Junior Women's Club  Youth Creative Writing Contest!  Students ages 11-18 in the Pascack Valley area were invited to write a poem based on this year’s theme: post, tweet, snap.  One hundred fifty poems were submitted!  Our winners will be recognized at an award ceremony during April, which is National Poetry month.  A round of applause is needed for all applicants because we were very impressed by the submissions!   

The first-place winner’s poem will be sent for judging in the New Jersey State Woman’s Clubs Youth Creative Writing Contest.  First-place state winners in each category will be sent for judging in the GFWC National Contest by the State Chairman.  Past regional winners have gone on to win at the state and national levels!

Winner of Category 3 (ages 11-13) - Kavya Gounder, of Park Ridge, and her poem “Perfection.”


The Viewer,
All you see is perfection.
Wanting, needing that you pretend.
Not knowing that everyone else is doing the same,
Setting up a perfect life as a facade to hide the truth.
You don’t know that the beauty you see is fake,
A photoshopped image of perfection.
You don’t see through the curtain to the truth,
All everyone sees is the mask, not the face underneath.
The Model,
Pretty, perfect, poised, pretend.
Changing yourself as you see fit.
Hating yourself and your life,
Snap Snap Snap, “Look pretty for the camera.”
Hide all your flaws and never let them see the truth.
Make yourself perfect by changing yourself,
The blemishes that make you who you are.

The world keeps them out of your reach,
So fake it and wear a smile that the world sees.
Don’t let them in to see the real you,
Keep that private so no one sees your scars.
Reaching for those impossible standards,
Change to be impossibly perfect.
That is all that others see,

Perfection they could never reach.

Winner of Category 4 (ages 14-18) - Caroline Wharton, of Park Ridge, and her poem “Façade of Screens.”  

Façade of Screens

Persona made to alter reflections,
hides all your flaws, afraid of rejection.
Photoshop, filters, phonies, and fakers,
cover what’s real under many layers.

Ego fuels unobtainable standards,
fears of hurtful words cease honest ganders.
Built from lies to protect the breaking soul,
to get everyone’s likes and have control.

Shadow brewing within can not be stopped,
The screen’s light can’t shine away the dark thoughts.
Hidden beneath the mask and many posts,
lies the vulnerable heart: what matters most.

Self is lost in the gratification,
Can not leave the maze of obligation.
To balance life and social media,
is an imposable utopia.